1. What is trafficking? What is sex trafficking?
  2. Trafficking is the sale or barter of something illegal.Sex traficking is when a commercial sex act is induced through various methods of force, fraud, coersion and or the person performing the act is under 18 which is under the legal age of consent.

  3. What methods are used to to traffic people?
  4. As stated in the last question's answer,methods used to traffic people are force, fraud, and coersion. Force entails using restraints, violence including: assault,rape, beatings, and other forms of abuse. Fraud involves using deception like empty promises that promise saftety, travel across the border, and promises of a job. Coersion involves using intimidation,threats, fear , and multiple forms of verbal abuse.

  5. Where does sex trafficking occur?
  6. Sex trafficking unfortunately is a crime that is commited all over the world. Many believe that sex trafficking is something that only occurs in foreign countries but, that is actually not the case. Its also very common in industrialized countries like the United States.

  7. Who are most vulnerable to Human trafficking?
  8. There is no specific demographic a person has to fit into to be human trafficked. People from all backgrounds and all walks of life have been subjected to the cruelty of sex trafficking. But studies show a significant amount of children who are traffcked come from foster homes or have a lack of father figure but, anybody no mater where they come from can be subjected to human trafficking.

  9. What are some indication/ warning signs of Human trafficking?
  10. Signs of physical abuse (i.e unexplained bruises, blackeyes, strange marks, or cuts), Behavioral signs ( fear, anxiety,depression, or paranoia), change in physical appearance and/or style, newly acquired tattoos, scripted communication, Is under 18 and participates in commercial sex acts, appears malourished, works long or unusual hours , and has a pimp or manager.

  11. Can some people come and leave as they please while being human trafficked?
  12. No ,this is not always the case. Some victims may have formed a special relationship with their trafficker and they are allowed to leave for school but, the majority of the time the child being trafficked has become involved with their trafficker in a way where they might have aided the trafficker in committing a crime or the victim feels guilt for "owing" or feeling in debt to the trafficker so they aren't allowed or they don't leave the trafficker.

  13. Girls are the only ones who can be trafficked,right?
  14. No,Both boys and girls are and can be victims of trafficking.

  15. What are the percentages of human trafficked victims around the world?
  16. The U.N crime fighting office predicts that 2.4 million people across the globe are victims of human trafficking and 80% of them are sexually exploited.

  17. Why should we care about the global issue of human trafficking?
  18. We should care because human trafficking has become a worldwide epidemic. Everyday a person against there will is being exploited for sex or labor while the criminal sits idly by and makes thousands of dollars off of them. This also is an epidemic that could affect anyone and everyone. You could become sex trafficked or you may no someone already being trafficked. There are millions of victims in this world trying to find a way to escape from their horrible situations and there should be a way they should be helped.

  19. What can YOU do to end it?
  20. There are many ways to help end the epidemic of human trafficking. One simple way that you can help is advocate for the cause. Bring awareness to the growing problem of human trafficking by using social media and other forms of technology.Simply talking to others about the problem and asking them to tell others about it can bring awareness in small quantities.There are many ways for you to get involved it just starts with being aware.